Fozzy has been playing cricket at Lisburn since the days of John Solanky, when he has fond memories of nervously facing Michael Blair underneath the old tree in the far corner, before he made the graduation to the wall at the other side of the ground sometime around the early 1980s.

After a number of years of senior cricket, he took over the captaincy of the 2nd XI and led his side to 3 straight league titles, although the Junior Cup eluded the team during that time. After a successful season for the 3rds a couple of years ago he was tempted back into the 2nd XI fold by the promise of batting up the order from former skipper Victor, a move which led to Player of the Year honours in 2008. However, Boothers correctly identified his technical shortcomings and he has latterly reverted to boring opposing batsmen in the middle overs with his left arm military slow bowling.

Having formerly talked his way to fielding at first slip, he now is hidden in the outer reaches of the field due to a series of dropsies behind the stumps, including said former captain against Bangor.

Off the field, he is the club secretary and website administrator, and he terrorises members with various fund-raising activities, achieving notoriety for hassling people for fantasy league entries.


Slim is the newly appointed 2nd XI captain and next season will be demonstrating tactical acuity and awareness of opposition strengths and weaknesses that would make Mike Brearley.s skill set look like he was still at school.

A versatile batsman who has opened the batting (and as he is captain, expect him to feature in this position with increasing frequency in 2011), Slim also provides the much needed spin option for his team. Whilst consistency wouldn’t be placed at the very summit of this discipline for Slim, he is a bit of a golden arm and regularly takes wickets with utter dirt. That said, when he is in the groove, he is more than capable of turning the screw on the batsmen.

Whilst not his favourite aspect of the game, his fielding skills are characterised by a usually very safe set of hands, and if he gets there he will normally catch it. It will be interesting to observe the chemistry he will have with his vice captain Gary Crowe next season, as the pair are renowned for their on field gentle ribbing, something at which Slim has occasionally fared second best in.

Off the field, university student Slim lists as his interests the odd dabble at on line poker, watching countdown, and he is a great man to have on your side in a pub quiz, his many vacant hours being filled constructively with the pursuit of useless (bar pub quizzes) and varied information. Additionally, his mother makes a super tea and is a high profile member of the ladies committee, renowned for providing excellent baps during teas.


Glenda is an up and coming batsman who is ready to make his mark for the club’s 1st XI next season. After grabbing player of the season honours for the 2nd XI last year in a compaign that saw him string together a number of notable batting performances, Glen has been earmarked as a potential upper order senior batsman.

His performances in 2010 showed that Glen has what many Lisburn batsmen don’t have, that being the jewel for the discipline, that of application. Not afraid to build an innings, Glen demonstrated on several occasions that a slow start would not be thrown away and he has the skill to shift through the gears and, importantly, adjust his style to take account of the match situation. His innings of 91* to lead the 2s to a close 3 wicket win over Instonians was a textbook example of how to pace an innings to perfection. There is little doubt that he possesses the skills to translate form like this into senior cricket contributions.

Glen falls into the category that many at the club fall into with his off-field activities, with a seemingly endless schedule of parties, interspersed with the occasional foreign trip to the likes of Ibiza. Last season he ensured however that his cricket came first, and a continuation of that attitude will see him thrive next season.

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