DK is the opening bowler for the 2nd XI and a consistent performer with the ball. Having joined the club in 2009 he has developed into a reliable guy with cherry in hand, and he occasionally can do the business with the bat as well.

His bowling is right arm medium pace and normally evidenced by a good line and length. At times he is unfortunate not to pick up more wickets with the bowlers at the other end benefitting by his discipline.

With bat in hand he is normally to be seen in the lower order but nevertheless he has fashioned together some impressive knocks from there, none more so than when he managed to pull a tie out of the fire against Carrickfergus in 2010 when all seemed lost, his unbeaten 24 in the last couple of overs leading his side to an unlikely 2 points.

Away from cricket DK is a thoroughly decent chap who is a good supporter of club events and, through his better half Ruth, he has brought to the club the effervescent encouragement and support of his father in law Billy! With bar profits in good hands, we look forward to another good season for DK and his entourage in 2011.


Lisburn CC possesses very few more enigmatic characters than our very own Noo Noo. The Noo used to be one of the fastest, if not the fastest, bowler in NCU cricket although unfortunately he suffered a serious foot injury the season before last when he failed to read the instruction on the back of a trailer that said “Do not drop this two tonne trailer on your foot”.

Since then, the Noo has turned into more of a recreational cricketer, with the odd game for the 2s and 3s on a Saturday when his business ventures permit, coupled with the occasional outing for the midweek team. With his foot a bit stronger these days he can still put in a pacey shift and his batting remains a potent force down the club – few have such a natural eye and the ability to mill the ball miles out of the ground as the Noo.

A real character who has provided many entertaining moments during his tenure at the club – too many to list, but batman outfit, Lords test match, ringers, alastians and bouncy castles all spring to mind – the Noo also enjoys helping Cecil with the ground and he has shown himself to be indispensable as the Godfather of Wallace Park’s ground wingman.

Hopefully 2011 will see this undoubtedly talented cricketer show more delegation skills with his developing Crepe business and he can play a bit more cricket for his club.


Chalky is a Lisburn man through and through, having enjoyed a senior cricket career spanning three decades. One of the few players who was playing during the 150th year, Chalky will hopefully see some playing time in the 175 as well.

Club captain for a number of seasons, club chairman for a year, and now the Senior Vice President of the club, Chalky lives, breathes and s***s Lisburn cricket. Predominantly renowned for his wicket keeping, Chalky was an obdurate senior batsman who refused to give his wicket away rashly.

These days, the odd turnout for the 2s and 3s are the height of his cricketing exploits, as he devotes more time to assisting the 1st XI as match manager and fulfilling the very important duty of U13 coach and boss. The young lads simply thrive under his leadership and the next generation of Lisburn cricket is in safe hands.

Off the field, Chalky supports the club in whatever way is going and he will be an important member of the 175 anniversary arrangements.


Jeff is the most experienced batsman in 2nd XI cricket history. Well, certainly at Lisburn anyway where he has had little peers in opening the batting for his side during the last decade.

There is little doubt that there is no finer purveyor in world cricket than Jeffrey when it comes to the twatting of a ball over the extra cover area. Anything remotely featuring in his half is normally given this treatment and despite many opposition captains knowing this, he still pulls off the shot with unerring frequency. With the short stuff off the spinners, maybe not so much!

Jeff has recently given off signs that he was considering placing his cricket equipment on eBay. However, a couple of decent knocks late in 2010, coupled with the prospect of having to be trailed around the shops on a Satuday by the Mrs, have thankfully resulted in an indication that he will be featuring once more in 2011. He has even talked about having a bowl again (at which he was more than competent in the early noughties) but we reckon he is probably jesting.

His fielding in 2010 was quite remarkable and if there was an end of season category entitled most improved fielder over the age of 40, Jeffrey would have had little competition.

Away from the game Jeffrey enjoys the odd scoop in the club and, these days, a nice bottle of red, an Indiana and an evening in front of the TV (Sky Channel 908).

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