Club Competitions

2018 Bonus Ball

Congratulations to the recent winners of the clubs monthly bonus ball draw. The winner receives 100 pounds and the runner up gets 50 all £5 a month. Payment can be made by cheque or cash to Graeme Browne (club treasurer).

Winner Billy Jameson
Runner up Dean Simpson

Winner Rick McConkey
Runner up Jim Kirkwood

Winner Cecil Walker
Runner up Mary Simpson

Winner John Huntchinson
Runner up Elliott Paterson

2018 Last Man Standing

Our 2018 competition resulted in a three way tie. Congratulations to Mark Boyle, Andrew Stewart and Karen Gribbin who each won £100. Thank you to all who entered, we will get the competition up and running at some point in the 18/19 football season.

2018 World Cup Predictor

1st: Charlie Gray
2nd: James McMullan
3rd: Jack Boyd

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