3rd XI

Captain: William Blair

The thirds will be looking to bounce straight back to Junior 4 after a disappointing season last year. The team is built around a number of promising youngsters and the self proclaimed ‘Ultra’ supporters as well as few experienced Dads. Under 15s who will be looking to make a name for themselves are Scott Wilson, Conor Blair, Josh Gray, Rasif Chowdhury, Jay Kinnear and John Vance.

Junior One Fixtures

2018 Minor Cup

2018 Results


28th April
NCU Junior 5
CSNI 135-7 (C Elliott 36, M Smyth 27, C Cahoon 25, J Vance 2-20, S Wilson 2-33)
Lisburn 106-6 (J Atkinson 25, M Smyth Jnr 2-18)
CSNI IV beat Lisburn III by 30 runs


5th May
Minor Cup: Round One
Lisburn 153-9 (C Doak 28, R Chowdury 18)
Bangor 154-5
Bangor III beat Lisburn III by 5 wickets
*Amendment to result in the game between: Lisburn III beat Bangor III due to Bangor fielding an unregistered player*

19th May
NCU Junior 5
Lisburn III vs Woodvale III
Woodvale III beat Lisburn III – Lisburn III unable to field a team – NCU Junior League 5

26th May
NCU Junior 5
Woodvale III 154-5 (D Scott 44, G Irvine 38, M Harvey 30)
Lisburn III 155-9 (R Wiseman 32no, R Barnes 29, J Kinnear 22, G Irvine 4-26)
Lisburn III beat Woodvale III by 1 wicket


2nd June
Minor Cup: Round Two
North Down III 213-9 (A McCrory Sr 92, R Smith 61, J Wiseman 3-16, R Chowdhury 3-32)
Lisburn III 217-5 (A Brown61*, J Wiseman 41, R Arnold 3-43)
Lisburn III beat North Down III by 5 wickets

16th June
NCU Junior 5
Lisburn III 141-9 (A Brown 50, C Forrest 25, P Rodgers 2-23, J Hazelton 2-21, A Wood 4-9)
Armagh III 138-4 (P Rodgers 39no)
Lisburn III beat Armagh III by 3 runs

23rd June
NCU Junior 5
Ballymena III 152-3 (S Watt 68, J Browne 29no, I Glass 2-18)
Lisburn III 153-5 (C Forrest 31, I Glass 32no)
Lisburn III beat Ballymena III by 5 wickets

30th June
NCU Minor (Lindsay) Cup Third Round
CIYMS III 149 (P McKane 27, M Latimer 30, E Reddy 2-18, A Glass 2-25, I Glass 3-23)
Lisburn III 149-9 (I Marsh 56, J Reiny 2-24, T Adams 4-22)
Lisburn III beat CIYMS III by 1 wicket


7th July
NCU Junior 5
Muckamore IV 196-9 (J Jose 41, R Chowhury 3-18, J Gray 2-9)
Lisburn III 196-5 (A Brown 86no, Pawan 3-22)
Lisburn III beat Muckamore IV by 4 wickets

14th July
NCU Junior 5
Lisburn III beat Ballymena III – Ballymena III unable to field a team

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