3rd XI

Captain: William Blair

The thirds will be looking to bounce straight back to Junior 4 after a disappointing season last year. The team is built around a number of promising youngsters and the self proclaimed ‘Ultra’ supporters as well as few experienced Dads. Under 15s who will be looking to make a name for themselves are Scott Wilson, Conor Blair, Josh Gray, Rasif Chowdhury, Jay Kinnear and John Vance.

Junior Five Fixtures

2019 Minor Lindsay Cup

2019 Results


27th April
NCU Junior 5
Lurgan II v Lisburn III – Postponed


4th May
NCU Junior 5
Lisburn III 155-8 (E Reddy 67, M Foster 46, G Talwekar 5-9)
Muckamore IV 156-6 (P Kumar 61, J Jackson 22, B Moore 3-50, W Blair 2-17)
Muckamore IV beat Lisburn III by 4 wickets

11th May
NCU Minor Lindsay Cup
Instonians III 177 (B Alexander 36, R Ellerby 38)
Lisburn III 49 (A Kennedy 2-16, B Alexander 3-9)
Instonians III beat Lisburn III by 128 runs

18th May
NCU Junior 5
Donacloney Mill III 123-3 (R Clydesdale 28, G Knox 28, C Blair 2-20)
Lisburn III 124-3 (I Glass 22, A Brown 65, D Marshall 2-24)
Lisburn III beat Donacloney Mill III by 7 wickets

25th May
NCU Junior 5
Lisburn III 241-7 (J Gray 52, I Marsh 50, Shahzaib 45, M Foster 21, M McShane 3-17)
Lurgan II 169-5 (N Hinds 79no, W Rudd 2-14)
Lisburn III beat Lurgan II by 72 runs

30th May
NCU Junior 5
Lurgan II 96 (C Gibson 58, C Williams 2-15)
Lisburn III 97-4 (S Choudhry 25, I Glass 23, M Tyagi 2-29)
Lisburn III beat Lurgan II by 6 wickets


9th June
NCU Junior 5
Bangor III v Lisburn III – match abandoned

15th June
NCU Junior 5
Lisburn III v Muckamore IV – postponed

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